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PADCON im Innopark Kitzingen

Compliance creates trust

At Padcon we are aware of our social role and our responsibility towards customers, business partners, shareholders and employees. This is why we have a set of clear principles in our code of conduct that define how we conduct our business and social activities. We expect the same of our partners. The ten principles of conduct contained in our Code of Conduct also forms the basis for establishing common standards in our collaboration with business partners and suppliers and therefore forms a part of all contractual relationships.


Global Tax Policy

To us, paying statutory taxes does not only constitute compliance with the law, but we regard our tax payments as a fair contribution towards funding and developing the community in all the countries and municipalities in which we are performing successfully as a company. This is why we consider maximum transparency of our tax-related activities and their disclosure as required by law to be part of our social responsibility.


Talk to us!

Whether you are one of Padcon’s customers, business partners or employees: if you notice something that does not comply with the Padcon code of conduct or the compliance guidelines, we expressly ask for your assistance. Please report things that seem strange or suspicious. You can do this either directly with our compliance organisation or with an external contact person. Attorney Sascha Kuhn from the law firm Simmons & Simmons is available to you for this purpose. Regardless of which option you choose, your concern will be treated confidentially and with discretion. It will be carefully investigated and if you so choose, you can also remain anonymous.

In all Padcon countries, an external lawyer is available for you to talk to – the contact persons in the regional offices speak your national language. You can access the list with all the telephone numbers here.

Padcon Firmengebäude

Christina Hauck

Wadenbrunner Str. 10
97509 Kolitzheim
Telefon +49 9385 98 04 51 49

Dr. Frank Then
Leiter Compliance (kommissarisch)

Innogy Opernplatz 1
45128 Essen
Telefon +49 201 12-02

PADCON im Innopark Kitzingen

PADCON GmbH specialises in monitoring systems, plant communication and power plant controls for PV power plants. The extensive product portfolio includes solutions for solar power plants worldwide. 

The PADCON product world offers perfectly coordinated components and solutions for every project. Numerous large projects and a globally monitored plant output of more than 3.5 GW reflect the trust of PADCON’s customers.

The cornerstone for the rapid and sustained growth of the company was laid with its foundation in 2007 as a manufacturer and developer of inverter stations. As early as 2008, PADCON put into operation the world's first inverter with an output of 2.5 MW. Based upon this know-how, PADCON developed products around the inverter.

Through this and other milestones PADCON became a partner to many well-known EPCs, and by 2009 had realised projects with a total of 200 MW. In parallel, PADCON recognised the significant need to monitor PV systems with regard to their function and profitability, and in 2008 introduced Central Monitoring as a cost-effective variant for single string monitoring.

Leading the way in this field, by 2011 PADCON had already expanded the plant monitoring system by introducing the currently legally binding regulations, such as reactive power control and reduced power.

To date mainly active in Europe, PADCON has been further expanding its internationalisation activities since 2012, thus continuing its rigorous course of expansion. The official certificates from UL (Underwriters Laboratories) and TÜV underline the high quality standard of the PADCON product range and enable country-specific requirements to be fully met.

With more than 3.5 GW of monitored plant output in 21 countries worldwide, PADCON consequently ranks among the largest and most experienced suppliers of SCADA systems for PV power plants.

In addition, since 2013 PADCON has been offering intelligent solutions with the Float Controller family in order to stop PID on PV systems simply and effectively, and to recover the affected modules successfully.

Accordingly PADCON stands worldwide for "Made in Germany", innovative solutions, and permanent, technological progress.

PADCON – Future technologies.


Geschäftsführer Constantin Wenzlik

Constantin Wenzlik

Geschäftsführer Robert Jüttner

Robert Jüttner


PADCON supervises

> 3.5 GW PV-Output worldwide


monitored PV plants in > 20 countries worldwide


> 1.2 GW equipped with PID KILLER