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PADCON presents the new future-oriented asset management software tool “AMT”!


PADCON presents the new future-oriented asset management software tool “AMT”!

Outstanding software which combines technical and commercial management in a single application.

At the Solar Asset Management Europe, PADCON presented its new product, the “PADCON Asset Management Tool”, for the first time to a specialist audience. At the high-class forum for the "operation and maintenance" area for photovoltaic power plants, visitors could for two complete days gain their first insights into the new software platform.  

With AMT different task areas, such as performance monitoring, yield monitoring, the management of spare parts, orders and contracts along with an alarm management and ticket system with the corresponding reports, are combined into a single software package.

"With our software we help operators, portfolio owners, business owners and many others in the industry by providing a variety of comprehensive features which will work with their assets. We have a solution, using just one system, which combines all these functions in a single software package", said PADCON Managing Director, Constantin Wenzlik, with regard to the new product.

With the PADCON Asset Management Tool (AMT), which is "software as a service" (SaaS), PADCON maximises efficiency, earnings and cooperation throughout a company. With this web-based solution any gaps existing between these areas are closed, processes are greatly simplified, and the loss of any information is avoided.

"The Solar Asset Management in Milan has indicated to us through good and informative discussions that, with our new platform, we are meeting many of the pressing requirements of our prospective customers and that there is a great need for such a system on the market.", Wenzlik continued after the successful event in Milan.

You will shortly be able to find more information regarding the PADCON Asset Management Tool on the PADCON website at

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