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"PID SUMMIT" – A complete success

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"PID SUMMIT" – A complete success

Thanks to more than 70 professional participants, including seven world-class speakers from different sectors of the PV industry, the PADCON PID Workshop last Tuesday was a complete success..


Welcome to PID WorkshopAlongside the technical subjects such as PID detection, "recovery" of modules and permanent protection from PID, above all else the explanation of the legal situation caused many surprised faces in the auditorium and was one of the core topics during the networking breaks. However, speakers quickly noticed how there was a consensus amongst participants that one must firstly protect the investment and the financing through the installation of PID boxes before entering into legal disputes that can stretch over years and whose outcome in most cases is far from certain.

"We were really surprised by the enthusiastic reception and were asked several times by participants to be sure to repeat this event", said delighted PADCON CEO Constantin Wenzlik. "The high level of interest and the many questions on the topic that remain open suggest that PID has certainly reached the industry in the meantime, but at this point in time it is still unclear whether we are in front of or behind the PID wave" continued Wenzlik.

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