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Float Controller SI

Modulschutz zur Verhinderung des PID-Effekts

Module protection to prevent the PID effect

PV plants with string inverter or small central inverter can easily be protected by Float Controller SI. This device handles up to 110kWp and is operating only during inverter inactivity.

  • Quick regeneration of PID affected modules
  • Increasing PV module lifetime in ungrounded systems
  • System voltage up to 1000V
  • Especially designed for string inverters
  • Higher plant efficiency and yield over 20 years

Gerneral Information


Application range

String Inverters

Operating range

During periods of inverter inactivity

MPPT / device


Max. DC power per MPPT

110 kWp

Rise in potential (to ground)

≤ 1000 VDC

Minimum insulation resistance of PV plant

300 kΩ




Outdoor / Indoor



Colour scheme

RAL 7035


Wall mounted

Dimensions & Weight


Housing (width/height/depth)

270/170/90 mm


Approx. 3kg

Input parameters


Supply voltage

24 VDC

Power input

max. 4 W


1,6 A

Measurement PV+

Screw connection / screwing M16

Measurement PV-

Screw connection / screwing M16

External control

Spring terminal M16 / screwing M16

Supply 24 VDC

Screw connection / screwing M16

Output parameters


PV+ pull up

Screw connection / screwing M16

Rated output voltage

≤ 1000 VDC ( adjustable in steps)

Rated output current

≤ 3,5 mA

Error message

Spring terminal M16 / screwing M16

Safety class & Environmental


Safety class according to EN60529

IP 65

Permissible ambient temperatures

-20 °C to +50 °C

Rel. ambient humidity, non-condensing

Up to 90%

Altitude above sea level

Max. 2.000 m

Other properties


Compatible inverter

String inverters must seperate at the AC-side from the mains.
String inverters without Power Boost/ PV+-earth > 0V

FC Power Source

FC Power Source

Supports up to 3 Float Controller SI
or 1 Float Controller CI

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